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First Frost!


It’s funny but I do it every year…think summer will last forever and I can drift on admiring the summer bedding and not do any preparation for winter. This year was no different, and suddenly got up the other morning and there was snow on the mountains above the house and all my busy lizzies, begonias etc were dead as doornails! I had been looking at my particularly good basil plants and kept thinking, I will pick the leaves and preserve them either in the freezer or salt them and stick them in olive oil…too late..I prevaricated…all gone!

Looking at Spritzhenrys “elephant” of work in the garden this time of year I feel a bit of a sham. As it is only my first real year working this garden everything has not taken off to that extent yet. I did not put in any seeds except a few marigolds for the summer and the few summer flowers were easily controllable. I have gone raving mad this September/October purloining little plants from everywhere and sticking them in so if only half take on I should see a nice colourful border in 2011. I have wrapped up my mimosa in fleece as until it gets a bit bigger it is pretty delicate when less than about 2 metres and we get -14C on occasion.

I will be playing “musical plants” as my husband calls it again. I put in 10 crocosmia “Lucifer” bulbs this spring as I wanted a nice splash of red and none appeared. So I bought a pretty salvia which has taken on a treat. Last week up come 4 crocosmia “Lucifer” exactly where I planted the bulbs, right beside my salvia……would you coco! So now I must decide whether I move the crocosmia or the salvia as neither will show off to their best side by side, I shan’t do it until next Spring but what a pain!

At least I have got my Spring bulbs in. I have replanted all my conserved daffodils and narcissus and bought some lovely new red tulips which I love. I especially the dwarf tuplips that open right out which look so nice in pots. I have also filled a couple of planters with some nice purple and white pansies as they withstand everything the Pyrenees can throw at them.

This lovely Autumn display came from two tiny plants from Lidl that I bought in the early summer and they are just now coming into flower.

I have been tidying my vegetable patch however and the spent beans (keeping the roots in for the nitrogen) went first…then the ridge cucumbers and gherkins and last week the courgettes and tomatoes. Not one green tomatoe this year, they all ripened, I don’t think I have ever had that happen before. I am always resigned to making green tomato chutney! Still in are the winter cabbage, parnips, swede and leeks. I have planted some onions and garlic for a change. As there is only the two of us I like to have lots of things but not too much of anything (if you know what I mean). A friend from England has brought me some runner beans called “Moonlight” they are supposed to be very good in dry spells, so they should work here!

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wow what a view! perhaps that makes up for the cold temperatures?
it was -1 here this morning and felt very cold but luckily my fuchsias still seem ok ~ we are sheltered by trees which may explain their lucky escape
but im planning to take out the dahlias and fuchsias this weekend just in case!
i notice you have wrapped up your mimosa ~ thank you for reminding me ~ i have a tiny little specimen given to me by my mum who lives in sunny devon.

21 Oct, 2010


We don't really mind the cold temperatures here Stickitoffee, we get "seasons"...if you say "its cold" to the locals they reply"c'est hiver" (its winter!!!!). Why didn't I think of that?

21 Oct, 2010


i think we get 4 seasons in one day sometimes! but i shouldnt complain, we added a seating area to our garden last year in a place at the back of the garden, previously hidden by an old shed; I had no idea but it has proved to be quite a sunny spot and i have managed to sit out at least once every month of the year so far! [yes even january]. The garden faces east but we dont get much sun because there is a hill with very tall trees growing on it immediately behind us.

21 Oct, 2010


Loved the view Troddles and the blog.

22 Oct, 2010


Your frost is early. I hope you can get prepared for the worst winter in enough time :o)

22 Oct, 2010


Thanks Mavis, the view was taken from my kitchen window. Not bad when you are doing the washing up!
I hope so too Hywel, I looked around this morning and it has zapped the greenery on the hydrangea, abelia, lantana and my arum lily (I am hoping they are peddling like hell underneath the soil) :o)

23 Oct, 2010


So nice to read about what you are doing in your garden, Troddles! With the mountains you have such a wonderful view!

Your Chrysanthemums at the end of the blog look absolutely lovely!

27 Oct, 2010

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