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After The Rains Had Gone


We had some very heavy thundery showers today, so when the rain stopped and the Sun made an appearance I couldnt resist taking a few pictures to show you how refreshed and colourful the garden looked.

First “Alchemilla” Ladies Mantle,
This plant always looks at its best after a shower with the raindrops sparkling in the sunshine.

“Hilda Ogden” [Patio Rose a lovely pink fragrant flower which flowers right through the summer].

“Daisies” [Im sorry I dont know the name, but it has very pretty white starry flowers].

Poppies, Princess Victoria Louise"

Gorgeous Peachy flowerheads, they are almost finishing now, but look so good sharing the border with, Lupins, Gerainiums and Geum.

Paeony [ I think its “Rubra Plena]”] A real beauty with its huge cerise flower heads and lovely dark green foliage.

“Golden Showers” a fantstic climbing rose, I took cuttings last year and its now in flower all along the fence.

“Hosta” [ unknown name], but what a lovely Hosta, so hardy you may be able to makeout the cheeky Gerainium which has managed to climbinto the pot with it

“Sedum” I planted three flower heads in this pot and look how they have multiplied! Im really pleased with this [Hope Hywel can identify it for me]

“Astrania” Sent to me from Hywel, now growing very happily on my Rockery

“The Pond” again! a mingle of plants just the way I like it and looking very colourful and happy together

Another Mingle this time in the long border where an array of plants jostle with each to seek the sun and show off their colour and beauty.

Well I hope you have enjoyed your little visit to my garden, just as I enjoy visiting your gardens too, Thanks for viewing and Happy Gardening;0))

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I loved my visit to your garden Carole but then I always do , your Golden showers is the star of the show I know how fond you are of it ,it gives a grand show every year :o)

10 Jun, 2014


A very happy mingle! Aren't those poppies fabulous? mdo you know the variety of geranium behind the pond? its a wonderful deep blue.

10 Jun, 2014


All looking lovely Carole....

11 Jun, 2014


So lovely to see after the rain. Unfortunately it washed out my poppies but we did get rather a lot of rain. lol. All dried out again now. Just muddy plants left hoping that they survive. Need sunshine and it looks like today and tomorrow we are going to be ok. Lovely to see your colourful borders again Pansy, I too love lots of colours mingling in together. :O)

11 Jun, 2014


Oh yes I love a wander around your lovely garden Pansy and your happy mingles are a treat to see, my mingles are a bit crowded at the mo but at least it keeps the weeds at bay...

11 Jun, 2014


I always enjoy a stroll round your garden carole you have so much of interest to see especially your mixes and mingles. Hows Robins plum tree doing, well I hope.

11 Jun, 2014


Thanks Amy pleased you enjoyed your visit, what a shame I wasnt around to greet you! Golden showers is definately a star I love it;0)

Thanks Sterogram, the poppies were Fabulous but Im afraid they have all gone now with the rain! I will try and see if I can get the name of the Gerainium it is a lovely one;0)

Thanks Holly, I have just spent the whole day trying to
cut plants back, its getting very hard work these days!

Thanks Olive the rain has washed my Poppies away too, so sad will have to wait another year to see them again! Hope your plants survive;0))

Thanks Lincs my borders are very full too I really am going to have to take more control next year so I wont have to work so hard and can sit back and enjoy it all more;0)

11 Jun, 2014


Thanks Phyliss pleased you enjoyed your wander, Robins Plum Tree is putting on lots of growth and is looking very healthy thankyou for remembering ;0))

11 Jun, 2014


Looking fabulous as usual,Carole..shame those lovely poppies don't last long,especially in the heavy rain we have had..The 'Ladies Mantle' you gave me,is just coming into flower too..looking very nice too.:o) love your pond area..a great mingle..and about you taking it easy next year? I'll believe it when I see it ! Lol xx

11 Jun, 2014


Thanks for showing us around your lovely garden Carole. It's very colourful and interesting.
I can't remember sending you the Astrantia, but I must have done if you say so lol ... my memory is hopeless.

The one you called Sedum and hope I can ID for you is a Sempervivum arachnoideum. There are different varieties but I'm not very well up on them sorry.
The top one looks like it's flowering :o)

11 Jun, 2014


Don't you just love it when a mingle really does mingle and look so good!
Your garden is looking wonderful and agree it's always good to get out after the rain, the garden takes on an entirely different dimension.

11 Jun, 2014


Thank you for allowing me to visit Carole, and I'm so glad you did, your garden is beautiful and in 'blooming' health. Sorry, I couldn't resist that. ;)

11 Jun, 2014


Thanks Sandra I am shattered tonight after spending the whole day cutting back, so I am reallyy going to try and make the garden more easier to manage next year;0)

Hi Hywel Pleased you enjoyed your look around and for identfying the Sempervivum, you did send me the Astrantia and it is a lovely little plant just perfect on the Rockery;0)

Thanks Scottish Im glad you enjoyed your little visit and that you like my Mingles;0)

Thank you too Waddy for your lovely comments, so pleased you visited and that you like my garden and think its in Blooming Health! lol

11 Jun, 2014


it all looks lovely as usual Carole I always like a wonder round your garden too :-), I remember that lovely poppy of yours its gorgeous and the astrantias a fab colour :-)

12 Jun, 2014


Just fabulous Carole. It's looking very healthy, just to re-iterate Waddy's comment looks "blooming marvellous'.

In your little game: "spot the Geranium" ... In amongst the hostas, sorry I couldn't. In the second one, "spot the pond" ... I couldn't see that either.... lol

Joking apart thank you for a lovely trip round your garden, it's always a lovely walk, and my feet were nice a dry afterwards! ... lol

12 Jun, 2014


Thanks Alan Have you been to Spec Savers yet lol The Geraniums are pale pink ones entwined in the Hosata;0)with regards to the pond Im not suprised you missed it especially if you are not familar with it, its only small and surrounded by plants! lol ;0))

12 Jun, 2014


A really lovely selection of pictures.

A beautiful poppy with a lovely name and such pretty colours in your garden.

12 Jun, 2014


Thankyou Wildrose, the Poppies are lovely just wish they would last a little longer;0)

12 Jun, 2014


Lovely photos Carole ... and what a beautiful Hosta that is ... :o)

14 Jun, 2014


Thanks Shirley, I have had the Hosta many years and it never fails to put on a good show;0)

15 Jun, 2014


I know how you feel carole....:))

15 Jun, 2014


It is always a pleasure to see your garden Pansypotter.

17 Jun, 2014

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