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I am Missflitterbug and I live in Houston, Texas. I love my plants and flowers and love digging in the dirt. I just this year decided to grow a container gardern and it looks like I will have a plethora of tomatoes (both the traditional red large round ones and a delightful Purple cherry style) and I got sick and tired of paying $2.00 for a green pepper so I am growing my own this year!!! They are coming along beautifully!!
Next year I am going to coerce my husband into building me a raised garden area (We have a pool in the back yard that consumes it so no "real" garden space available.
I have more fun planting stuff and trying new items.
Would love to hear from some others in my area and wonder if there are any casual gardeners meetings close by?
If anyone e-mails me be sure to title the Re: casual gardner or I won't open your mail.

Thanks Missflitterbug

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