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By 2ndhand


Lonicera nitida, all varieties, is about the only shrub that can get me excited. It grows quick and ideas are brought into fruition quicker than any other growing material I can think of. I decided a few years ago, after visiting a local topiary nursery, and seeing life sized bulls and pigs, panthers and dolphins, amongst the hoards of other models, and all out of Buxus and costing quite a few grand each, that I would have a go at a much cheaper and speedier version of things I wanted.

I apologise if some of these photos have been on here before, but I am just doing my topiary blog. And as I said, I get all gooey over topiary, I’m even designing and thinking whilst I’m writing.

This is my Pig in the clouds out of 3 Buxus balls that had outgrown their shape. They were here when we moved in.

The whales tail has a bit more filling out to do yet. and it was going to be the first of several, but I’ve decided against a row of whale tails, instead I think i’ll do another hedge and maybe shape into the 3 wise monkeys!

HHMMMM, My dolphin, that looks more like a shark, it’s supposed to be leaping into the pond, but keeps pointing to the top of the waterfall. One of the first attempts at topiary.

My warriors out of Baggesen’s Gold, they were at first going to be spirals, but the growth around them would have blocked them out. So warriors they are. They need a couple of the plastic dog bones for their noses. :-)

Sethpian, my bare bottomed basilisk, He had to have ears to make him un snake like. But i’m pleased with him.

The Pentacle bed edged with 8" lonicera, that holds it’s height and shape well.

The Wavy hedge between the backyard and plottie. It gives a little protection from the wind that is funnelled between the house and workshops.

Then of course there’s Miranda, The GPO Operator.

The maze. just a baby, but will be grown soon to it’s height of 5’.

and below the Maze map. At the moment everyone can cheat and step over the dead ends.
I may have to put a gate on the entry, so the ducks don’t get stuck!

There’s only one entry/exit, but 6 dead ends and 2 ways into the centre. We had planted dwarf conifers in the centre and corners, but they haven’t survived the dogs cock-a-looping. So the 5 positions call for 5 more topiaries out of Baggesen’s Gold, in a series of shapes. Maybe people sitting, or chickens. Oh lord I’ve got to go off and plan this idea, take some cuttings and make some wire shapes.

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All looking good, you sure have your work cut out for you LOL Good luck. :o))))

26 Oct, 2010


That is fantastic. I have been trying to make a peacock shape from a box which I planted years ago. OH is going to do the shape when he has time. I first saw them at Longleat and decided if I had to have buxus it had to look like something special. I took loads of cuttings last year with a view to making a little hedge of rabbits running along the wall in front of the kitchen window. They are only 3" high yet but should not take too long to grow. We have a large yew at the side of and slightly to the front of the house which I have cut back to make the first 6' a pillar. I haven't decided yet what to do with the bushy top. Yew has the great advantage that even when cut back hard it still regrows. Your maze is going to be amazing.

27 Apr, 2011

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