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Fascinating Fasciation


By 2ndhand


I often find fasciation going on in the garden. I know what can cause it, It doesn’t worry me. I’m just so fascinated.
But these are by far the best photos I have.

Although not apparent by the pic, the stems of these flowers are co joined below the leaves

This delphinium has flowered for years and is never more than a foot tall, It is still attached to the mother plant which towers above it at flowering time.

The Lupin flower stems on this photo are about 5" tall but wide too and the leaves are much more fleshy than the normal ones..

This is a scan taken by hubs of one of our Buddleia globosa, The tiny purple floret amongst the yellow globes. Sadly as it has been picked to be scanned we never saw it open to it’s full glory. Men!

This is by far the weirdest. My Arum, I called church steeple.

But below is the ‘spookiest’

Explanation first:

We had a chicken that was knock kneed. Ran like a model, swinging it’s feet out. ‘She’ also had a slightly droopy head. ‘She’ did all she should, enjoyed life, pecked about, scratched around and came to it’s name ‘Dopey’ so she could be fed special titbits by hand, She loved cake crumbs and raisins. ‘She’ used to sit on other eggs when they were laid, before I collected them. She became an IT because ;- at about 18 mths old, it started to grow a tail and feet feathers then it crowed! with a noise that can only be described as a cartoon cockerel being strangled. It danced around the hens, in a chatty up type of way. But never did owt else, just danced.

It never laid an egg. Unfortunately one day when shopping, a fox visited. Dopeys remains were buried in the garden. where I scattered some annual seeds and this flower came up, with a definate ‘D’ appeared in the centre.

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lovely blog.

14 Sep, 2010


Nice blog, love the story of Dopey :-))

14 Sep, 2010


Spooky. Nice blog. :o))

14 Sep, 2010


you have some lovely plants there.....

14 Sep, 2010


Very interesting blog and I love the story of Dopey, bless :)

16 Sep, 2010


Very interesting... Love the lily, very peculiar! Thanks for showing.

13 Jun, 2012

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