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Feather duster


By 230338


It seems our Rocky (Budgie) has decided to go into the duster trade . Yes he is loosing his delicate feathers in a rather hard molting process. At 5 months 21 days could it be i may have prompted him to pay his way!. Not a blinking chance it seems as he swaggers around like he owns the lounge. Anyway he is banned from the dining room and doesnt have access to the kitchen as he is so attached to my shoulder people were thinking i was long john silver when they visited. We do not now have donkeys in our area since many of them could,nt get over the loss of their hind legs and can you guess why?. Rocky never stops its from 9 am to 10pm every day and he is always learning new sayings. His latest acheivement was uttering to my good lady on being uncovered " wot yer doing me harty" . The ladys love him, he is as one freind said an angel and if he keeps miming then their is the distinct possibility he may become one quite soon(LoL). Any way he has gone to bed now and its quiet ,sheer bliss. Take care enjoy Tony @ Rocky

i built this playstation to keep him quiet it did,nt work

Rocky again

LunchRocky veiwing his appearance

Guess who ?.

Evening meal

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Wonderful :o)))
Added to Favourites.

19 Jun, 2014


Oh yes poor Rocky is looking a bit frazzled at the moment, hope you've reassured him as to the fact that he'll soon be even more handsome, would hate him to get an inferiority complex...

19 Jun, 2014


Hi Terra Thankyou,nothing like a little humour. Hope crocus and doggies are fine. Take care Tony

19 Jun, 2014


Hi Lincslass Yes Rocky its a bit spikey at present but he is beginning to effect my calculations as i was a month out with his age. He was born 27 Nov 2013. Must be his desire to scramble my thoughts. Take care enjoy Tony

19 Jun, 2014


Hi Tony ...
Crocus's birthday is also in November.... a good month for budgie birthdays.

We are all fine thanks. Crocus has just finished a moult ... he wants to look good for watching Wimbledon tennis on TV, so is busy growing new feathers.

I notice Rocky hasn't quite got the skill yet of dropping his millet husks into the yellow pot underneath .... Lol.

20 Jun, 2014


Hi Terra Nice to hear all is fine with Crocus and the doggies. Terra i apologise for Rockies very bad table manners and now at long last i have the great oppertunity of scolding him for the dasterdley deed. On second thoughts i had better not since my last encounter to tame him (Rockie) ended up with me on the naughty step (LoL). Enjoy take care Tony

20 Jun, 2014


I've studied the photo of Rocky's playstation and I can't see a naughty step there, so I think Rocky must be a very good budgie. Lol.

21 Jun, 2014


Hi terra (LoL) yes Terra, clever little devil hid his naughty step out of shot. He has been a good boy today though. Am considering getting him a three mirror toy for him to play with. Its 3 mirrors in one frame each reflects a different image. 1 Short budgie, 2 large budgie , 3 fat budgie. Will Keep you informed of developments. Take care Tony

21 Jun, 2014

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