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Such strong winds here this evening. Definate greenhouse check tomorrow. Quite a lot going on in GH as a reserve batch of coleus have germinated. My res batch of sweet tomatoes haven’t germinated yet but the one that survived from the first batch looks ok. Have a flower on one of my strawberry plants(Cambridge) and the other5 are beginning to look promising. Still seems that growth is a little slow at the moment. Bird population very active. Seems they are eating like no tomorrow. Muffin next doors Dog has gone AWOL. Stark reminder to get some rich tea biscuits in. My special k Biscuits vanished during a BGT show( keep my eye on that Simon Cowel). Otherwise all ok. Blimey hope my sheds still on the rear lawn its a very strong wind . Take care enjoy Tony

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Hope your greenhouse and shed is OK Tony. I had to bring my mini greenhouse indoors for the night as I wasn't confident it would still be around tomorrow if I left it outside!

17 Apr, 2013


Mine is tied to a concrete post. We dont deserve these strong winds after such a long miserable winter.
I was nearly blown over today.

17 Apr, 2013


I didn't even attemp to light the log stove the howling in the chimney
was enough of a warning.
Hope your buildings are safe.....

As to toms etc in the gh, for the first time in many years I took the decision to buy the plants........
I,m so glad I did.

18 Apr, 2013


I chose a bad day to put my spare mini greenhouse out yesterday..but thank goodness,OH secured it the fence,like my other one..both intact this morning..and everything seems upright and intact in the garden..what a night !

18 Apr, 2013


Yes i hope your shed & greenhouse are safe,
this is why i put the photinia hedge in the front of our greenhouse "because i thought a few years ago i was going to loose it,

It's just goes to show you cant beat mother nature.
GOOD LUCK 2303038

18 Apr, 2013


My washing line broke yesterday and towels and the metal clothes prop flew over my g'house, someone was looking after me though as not a crack anywhere, if it had been anything smaller than bathtowels the prop would probably have gone through the glass and not over it, needless to say todays washing is in the tumble dryer, the sunshine is gorgeous and all is well in the garden and the g'houses but oh boy!!!!!! its rough out there and things are banging and crashing......

18 Apr, 2013


Exactly the same here Sue ! Big branches coming down all over and , fingers crossed, the green house is ok !
Everything seems to be doing well for you Tony ! Special K biscuits ! Aren't you posh ! Hahaa ! At least now you are blaming poor Simon instead of our Elizabeth.

18 Apr, 2013


hi louisa15 All is intact, my little seedlings are looking very strong. Weather at the moment not as bad. Thankyou take care Tony

18 Apr, 2013


Hi pamg I took my tom seeds from a tomatoe in march. Experiment really,however the first batch except for one was too leggy . Waiting for second batch to germinate and the one i saved is quite strong now. Yes i also have ordered some Tomatoe plants from T and M . Take care Tony

18 Apr, 2013


Hi Dungy Good idea. I lost a panel in may 2 years ago but a neighbour 20yards away found it on his lawn. I put double amount of glazing clips in and held my breath last year. Take care Tony

18 Apr, 2013


Hi Rose All is fine including my special k stock. Elizabeth could,nt break the code on my new tin lock. I can tell she has tried as one of my floorboards is loose. I must be one very lucky chap (LoL). Take care Tony

18 Apr, 2013


Hi Lincslass My good lady drilled and secured the greenhouse base (into paving) 5years ago whilst i was in a neighbours house. To date panels have flown into neighbours lawns but the blooming base stays intact. My good lady is 8 and half stone but very Diy minded. Hope the washing came out ok. Take care Tony

18 Apr, 2013

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