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Completed picture frames ,had to repair a wood fault on one frame . Vertical blind in dining room attended to then back to my shed ,cut some wood for my bird feeder. Did a few minuets going round my garden, then cut some glass for my frames. Cuttings look ok but i may have lost my Pieris cutting it does,nt appear to be in good health. Noticed infection at base of my rose tree would appreciate advice on that if possible (Photo enclosed). My Fuchsia,s are showing new growth i was surprised at that. My last year Rose cutting seems healthy but for next year i have put 4 more in my front lawn. Wish i could swamp the lawns in Roses but my good lady is very afraid of the thorns . Take care all Tony

Mushroom appearance infection

Young Pieris forrest flame

Rose of sharon cutting.

Eunonimus cutting

Vinca cutting

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Great pics. My you have been busy. Sorry can't help with the fungi problem.

20 Oct, 2012


I couldn't find the base of the rose tree in the picture Tony, but you certainly have some weeds growing there! I think you need to get in there and turn the soil over well pulling out all those weeds and fungi. I noticed that you have black spot on the rose leaves, so they need to be either taken off or sprayed. When you've tidied this area up fully, then mulch round the rose stem with well rotted manure or compost. Make sure you clear the ground of all the dropped rose leaves or the disease will continue next year. Hope this helps. Consider yourself told off! Hahaa!

20 Oct, 2012


Hi waddy Thankyou for comment. Rose has given me room for thought . Its another little job on my list . Take care enjoy Tony

20 Oct, 2012


Hi Rose Thankyou for advice. Garden fork at the ready. Have some compost also,. Originaley the rose tree was a stump but i managed some TLC and i got 3 beautyful Roses from it. No doubt the infection on the photo could be the reason it did,nt flower this year. Will tend to the infection asap. Thankyou once again. Take care enjoy Tony

20 Oct, 2012


Your welcome Tony and I hope this advice works. I had a lot of black spot on all my roses this year due to the rain , even though I have always sprayed them once a month. This year I missed out on spraying them as often because of the strong winds and rain. Lets hope its a better summer next year!

21 Oct, 2012


Hi Rose I made a close up examination of my rose tree this pm and its not good news really. I removed the obelisk (Easier than i anticipated) but the small tree trunk just collapsed as i cleared debris from around it. As a result i had to remove the infection and what was just a crumbling peice of dead wood. My good lady and i discarded the bits into our garden refuse bin. Valerie wants me to set the obelisk over our Fuchsia bush . Should look very nice as the bush does appear attractive when it flowers. Will miss my little Rose tree though. Take care Rose glad your having good weather. Tony

21 Oct, 2012


Aww, thats a shame, Tony. Is it a hardy fuschia bush? Couldn't you treat yourself to a clematis or climbing rose to go up it!

22 Oct, 2012


Hi Rose Just started getting my 2013 garden books (Dobies) still awaiting t&m seed cat,but yes may try a Clematis. Climbing Rose was also a good suggestion Rose thankyou. The ideal position would be where the obelisk is situated but have to attened to soil as a lot of it may have to be removed. Its a blooming neusance but we dare not plant again until soil prob has been rectified. Take care Rose Tony

22 Oct, 2012


Whatever you do, Tony, don't plant a rose, climbing or any other kind in the same place as the one that died. It can pick up a disease from this soil.

25 Oct, 2012


Hi Rose We have decided to try an experiment useing the obelisk and a hanging trailer plant inside it . May work but it can be used in the same spot as the Rose tree since it will not touch the ground. Its a nice visible spot from the lounge. Take care Rose ,do you want your hankey back?. Tony

25 Oct, 2012


That will look lovely , Tony.

26 Oct, 2012


Hi Rose My good lady thought of the idea. I leave the mod idea,s to her as i am a bit old fashioned. Thankyou for the suggestions though. Am putting my anti pigeon feeder on Goy soon. Take care Rose. Tony

26 Oct, 2012


As we have 20 wood pigeons that roost on our beech trees, Tony, I could do with a few of your feeders!

28 Oct, 2012

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