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Put greenhouse capillary matting down today ,and took stock of what plants i would like to fill my staging. Filled my water resevoirs with clean water checked my drip cones (needed to moisten my matting) then decided to test water system fulley. Bingo! it worked great. So now i waite and hope for my dreams to come true. Have to tidy shed up tomorrow its cluttered with timber awaiting a few projects. Its this period when i enjoy the planning and indeed the prospect of having jobs waiting to be completed. I dread the end of the gardening season because it just appears to be a very stagnant time for me. Any way hope all is fine for you all Take care Tony

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Glad to see you have some little helpers there! Hope your dreams come true.

9 Mar, 2012


Hi Steragram Thankyou ,hope all goes well for you to. Take care enjoy Tony

9 Mar, 2012


Don't be sad Tony! If we didn't have winter, we wouldn't have spring to look forward to!! I hope you've got that she'd tidied up now...I've got a 2x4 shaped lump on the back of my head where a blimm'in big length timber pranged me on my way in through the door! Are you setting the booby traps again? I promised I wouldn't touch your custard creams again!! Lol!

11 Mar, 2012


So it was you Elizabeth, and there was I getting the blame. I don't like the winter either Tony. Still , its just the start of the new growing season and I just love it!

12 Mar, 2012


Blooming heck is it a fish? No, Is it a plant ? No, Its me number one with a lump on her bonz. I apologise Rose, Elizabeth gave the naughty deed away by knowing of the beam in my shed. I set the beam upon my shed to catch the culprit on the head it didn't fail by all accounts lumps galore in great amounts. Hi Elizabeth they let me out just after brunch but the plaster is still on my head. Yes i forgot about the beam(LoL). Nice to have you back me hearty. Things here just as barmy as over there. Acers have come to dead stop but still seem OK in tray. My Fuchsias have arrived and in GH , all is OK on cuttings front. Rose and i have missed you desperately after you took the first aid kit and map. Seriousley nice to hear from you Elizabeth take care Tony

12 Mar, 2012


Well that serves you right, doesn't it Tony, Hehee , falling into your own trap! I'll let you into a little secret ....I'm going to see her soon! ssshhh!

14 Mar, 2012


Hi Rose To quote my good lady on a nice day "you would forget your head without me " so now i am scuppered by my number two also (LoL). PLease tell the young vandal she can keep the first aid box but i am lost without the map. Take care Rose Tony

14 Mar, 2012

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