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Tiny overshot his perch on his PlayStation and ended up casting aspersions on my designing talent. He landed on tweetys head after colliding with bobbie(his bell) and ended up very very upset. I tried to calm him but got only rasberrys and the whites of his eye,s. Alas my good lady put up a defence for Tiny and under great pressure i have to re-desighn the play station to offer a more clear landing approach and lesson the spaces between perches. At this moment in time i am thinking also of a large elastic band that could flirt Tiny into the air like a catapult but it would not get passed the planning commitee no doubt. Plans are being made for a more de luxe extension so i will get a photo to GOY on completion. Shed to cold for work yet even with heat. Take care tony


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Ha! Ha! Oh, dear! I've just snorted tea right out of my nose! Bleurghh! Well, I'm glad to see everyone's back to normal in the Tiny household, he still rules the roost, twertling away to accompany everyone's merry dance! Tony, I think you'll have to make yourself a pair of those paddles that the guys at the airport have to guide in the jumbo jets. Then you could use them to direct Tiny in on his descent to his perch. Whether you would use them as the airport people do...or just to give him a quick thwack in mid-air to round him up in the right direction, is entirely up to you! Poor you, that play station has had more reinventations than Madonna! Nothing but the best for your Tiny! Lol! ;0)

6 Jan, 2012


ruffled feathers then.....:0))

6 Jan, 2012


I said Elizabeth would return (previous page) but where's the gold!All we need now we have our no. one is our no. three and normal service will be resumed.The ship can sail! Poor Tiny , I think you will have to get busy Tony.

6 Jan, 2012


Hi Elizabeth Tiny very impressed with your guidance idea in the first instance but in my blog "blooming wind" he thought not suitable (LoL). Your very correct Elizabeth its the third alteration to Tiny s play station and i am running out of idea,s. I may include a treadmill for him nothing special say a top speed of 100MPH that should tire him out. Take care Tony

6 Jan, 2012


Rose my head is spinningElizabeth is my Number one and you are going in that direction with your lovely Pies but number three is a mystery . The only way we could get a barmy third is via a press gang and that would cost at least 2 apple pies. We just cannot afford it . Take care Tony

6 Jan, 2012


Hi pamg Yes ruffled feathers and Tiny has a directional malfunction on landing at high speed. Yesterday he landed on his dolleys head as he forgot to slow down. Take care enjoy Tony

6 Jan, 2012


Well Tony, didn't it used to be Stickie, in fact I think I pinched her place from three to two! I suppose she's still about somewhere! Still , do we really want to share the apple pies and our Elizabeth will always be numero uno!

7 Jan, 2012


Good luck with the planning committee - glad to hear that nothing changes and you are still at Tiny's mercy!

8 Jan, 2012


Halloooo , has the ship gone down! Where is everyone?

9 Jan, 2012

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