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Hi HO HI HO its off to work i go. At least that’s how i felt as i got to grips with Tiny’s PlayStation project. Was very contented surrounded by my minders(Lucy the cat,and her companion)and smooth radio giving great music. Then it happened , my water butt fell on to the lawn and Evan more disaster it fell on Pinky’s (the gnome) Head. Perky the other gnome was OK but Pinky’s head was two yards down the lawn. I put my gloves on and checked my glue status, then very medical like i stuck Pinky’s head back on, his hat had fractured also so i stuck that back on. I then decided not to give him the kiss of life. I managed to erect the Butt and it had not fractured so some luck their. It was my adorable wife who whatching from the kitchen beckoned "come on doctor Kildare set the table " so then it was Hi HO Hi HO to set the table i go. Project on hold. Take care all and enjoy Tony

Pinky and Perky

Water butt and shed

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How careing of you Tony to mend his head was it a mix of vinigar and brown paper lol they look so cute all three of them was nt it lucky it never lost its head for good, your lawn looks great and the shed and water butt.

20 Jul, 2011


I agree with Sixpence! Your lawn's looking fab! Did you get to mow it yourself, or did you have to get the gardener person in? The fence is very smart too! Your garden's looking well loved...and I'm sure Pinky's feeling well loved with all that tender loving care after his tragic accident! What happened to Lucy during all of this kerfuffle? Are you sure she's not on your roof, hugging a chimney!? Lol!! Never a dull moment with you, Tony!! ;0)

20 Jul, 2011


Well .. this blog qualifies for GoYpedia "Gnomes"

... and for "Waterbutts" !

How about that ?

Glad the glue worked wonders ... :o)))

21 Jul, 2011


Sixpence thankyou all is ok now. Take care Tony

21 Jul, 2011


Hi Elizabeth We managed to cut it ourselves but its growing at a rapid rate now. Pinky good as new but i don,t want everyones praise to go to his head (LoL). Lucy in land of nod i beleive. Fred also resting under raised plant pot. Muffin still after my rich tea by all accounts. The very good news is i have been told Nelson is courting (LoL). Take care Elizabeth. Tony

21 Jul, 2011


Hi terratoonie First tool on hand glue for the use of. Putting Tinys mirror on pet blog asap. Take care Tony

21 Jul, 2011

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