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It may have been him that past my shed, floating like a duck does, how ever our plastic duck has also gone missing. So has turbo Fred although i noticed his balloon swaying to and throw amongst the undergrowth. Poor Fred the Tortoise can they swim i wonder?. I listened for a help cry from Muffin the pup but alas he was,nt bothered as he licked one of my rich tea crumbs from his beard. Muffin sat at my side in the shed giving me the" can i have another one" look. Blinking heck he got my last one the varmint. So we listened to Adele and of course the resident rain on the shed roof until i noticed a movement on the water surface. Ecky thump a new visitor laying stake to the vast ocean on my lawn a beautiful little frog. Nope i could,nt name him as the intercom rang and a low very attractive voice beckoned “Your lunch is ready”. It was Monday Pastrami on wholemeal. So i put Muffin over the fence to next door and havent seen the Frog since. Take care all enjoy Tony

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Dear me, Tony, if that boy doesn't stop pilfering your biccys, your good wife will soon be having to make out a diet plan for Muffin the pup with the muffin top! And if you don't know what that'll have to refer that question to your good lady Valerie, it's much too delicate a topic for me to discuss! Suffice to say, I don't think they make girdles in puppy size, although, I suppose you could class it as puppy fat, he is still only a wee bub!
Aren't there a lot of frogs around! It's like the birds, all this wildlife has just appeared! I don't mind frogs, but when one jumps out unexpectedly when I'm weeding, it doesn't half make me jump!! I always think it's going to be a mouse! I don't like them!! Your lunch sounds yummy Tony, the lovely Valerie sounds like a keeper! Speak soon!

19 Jul, 2011


hi Elizabeth muffin very quiet today. He didn't like the abrupt way i put him over the garden fence. Valerie very frightened of spiders, i check all upstairs rooms before retiring. In the morning you can see 3 or 4 pieces of paper on the lawn that val has caught spiders in and launched them from upstairs windows. Otherwise she is as daft as me for animal sympathy. When you see a frog do you jump as high as it? (LoL). Just imagined you and the resident frogs Elizabeth doing the hip hop. Putting Tinys mirror on blog for Terratoonie in a little while. Terra appeared interested to know what it is like. Five sided mirror Tiny thinks he,s got company when he looks into it. Take care me hearty tis time i checked me candles. Take care Tony

20 Jul, 2011

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