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Nice friday


By 230338


Lunch under our sun brolly on the patio was very nice but it led my mind to wander beyond my plants to my photographs of them. No matter how good the light is its so rare to see a true likeness of colour and beauty one experiences in a photo of plants. My Petunias are so vibrant in colour but on my digi prints they look nice but not as nice as actually seeing them in person. The eye i think will always out-date optics. Managed to do some woodwork today and weed and feed the lawns again. Had a tussle with Lucy(next doors cat and my shadow companion ) as she got wedged in the iron gate spokes. I just pushed her back out (LoL). She is very large now but very affectionate. Took some cuttings off a neighbours bush and fed my Tomatoes that really was my afternoon experiance. Hope you are all enjoying your gardening . Take care enjoy. Tony



Alicantie Tomatoes

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Nice pictures but your petunia looks pansy to me.

1 Jul, 2011


I agree Coshad, this is very much a pansy. Tony I think you need to speak to your neighbours, that is one fat pussy-cat. it's not unknown but is unusual for cats to get that fat. A fat cat's an unhappy cat.

Are they this years toms, have you grown them in the green house?. Mine have only just started to produce flowers, but they are outdoors. Gardeners Delight and the Italian plum Pomodora

1 Jul, 2011


Hello Tony! Sorry I've been a little tardy in my replies, Keith and I been very busy with work, but the sun was shining beautifully tonight when we trailed our weary wee selves home at last! So then I whipped out round the garden with the camera to have a click around! I've got the pics sized now so they're ready and rarin' to go...just have to get my thinking cap on, but because I've been thinking all day, my head has apparently shrunk a bit, because my cap doesn't fit at the minute, so this is probably why I can't string two coherent words together! It's slipped down over my eyes...I look like Charlie Drake! 'Allo my darlin!' remember that?! Lol!
Your tomatoes are cracking! I've got quite a few trusses setting on mine too, just need them to ripen! I always take the first one that ripens, along with a few crackers, over to the wee arbour seat to share with Keith, whatever the weather! sun, rain, mini tornado, lol, it's always yummy! Your pics always look very good Tony, bit I agree seeing your garden with your own eyes is always nicest! I'll try to get my blog up very soon Tony, so you have a lovely restful weekend, and go and have fun!!x

1 Jul, 2011


Its getting the right light at the rear of you Tony to get the right colour up on a photo, I take different times of day or move the camera up and down I can see why the cat got stuck too over weight I thinks :o)) shame though and pleased your gave it a push. Your toms look great.

2 Jul, 2011


hi coshad You are quite correct i do apologise for my error thankyou

2 Jul, 2011


hi granny b Yes lucy is very large but the vet has informed her owner that its the medication she is on that is doing it. Very nice temprement though. Yes they are this years Alicantie tomatoes in my greenhouse. Never had good results with outdoor Toms as we have a snail problem somtimes. Pomadora plum thats a new one to me , must put it on my list. take care enjoy Tony

2 Jul, 2011


hi sixpence your advice taken will try good backlighting for photographing. Tomatoe Alicantie this years crop. Lot of people trying plum tomatoes this year and i am keeping my eye,s open for their results. Take care dawn and enjoy Tony

2 Jul, 2011


Hi elizabeth What on earth is this about a shrunken head? Well my good lady said my heads on back to front to-day so can you beleive that!. It appears you have a head start on me as my heads not shrunk yet (LoL). Do you have a yellow parrot on your right shoulder Elizabeth? well i be talking to it as i type (LoL). Charlie drake great little chap Elizabeth Tiny could look down on him and that really is small. Thank you for tomatoe compliment Elizabeth yes crackers and fresh Tomatoes wonderful health combination. I let my good lady pick them as i have a tendancy to end picking with an empty bowl. Take care elizabeth enjoy . Tony

2 Jul, 2011


Well, I hope at least, you and your lovely lady are going to get to eat these tomatoes, and you don't end up distributing to the neighbours, as in 'Lettucegate'!! Lol! You'll be glad to hear the head is a bit bigger today, very busy at work, and I need the thinking cap to fit properly!! Enjoy your garden, Tony!!

3 Jul, 2011


I think I have too got plum and some other type I ll check tomorrow and then I ll let you know how mine turn out just flowers at present Alacantie is a great tomatoe, I have a tumbler in a hanging basket too had those last year and they are lovely

3 Jul, 2011

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