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Security breach


By 230338


Opened the greenhouse and again the heat was in 90F area . It was early morning as i had a lot of projects to do. Then i noticed a tiny paw on the base of my greenhouse mesh door. Gadzooks! a beautiful tiny white puppy dog sat outside and i do believe he was smiling. I asked “how did you get in and where is your security pass” OK i realized it was daft to ask but i put that in for a laugh. Any way his collar noted his name as Muffin and his address was next door. I ruffled his ears and stroked his wriggling body and then cautioned him on trespassing with a fig bar and rich tea firmley in his little mouth. So much for my snack then. I took him via plant string lead out to next door despite pinky and perky(my knomes) towering over him and the little lad was over joyed. Turbo Fred ( the tortoise) did,nt bat an eye lid as we passed on the path. The leaf in his mouth getting smaller by the minuet. I closed the fence gap and poured my tea out of my flask but blimey my biscuit tin was empty! blooming good day for "MUFFIN!. Take care enjoy Tony

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Hello you! If I find any oil in my lawn, I will get a huge sponge and soak up as much as I can, and send it directly over to yourself and your good wife!'s good to share, and whatever you give to a friend is never lost! There might just be enough to fuel a teeny radiator for Tiny's cage, to keep him warm, just in case there is another horrific winter! Mind you, you'd need an awful lot of that squirty insulating foam to fill in all those gaps! Lol!
The temperature in your greenhouse is phenomenal! I've been trying to take some Streptocarpus leaf cuttings from three plants we got at a garden centre for £1 each! Bargain! It's been very hot in the greenhouse here too, but then the sky goes navy blue, and it heaves down with rain! No, outside Tony, not in the greenhouse! I'm getting to know your wee tricks! Ha! Lol! So, I'm going to leave doing the cuttings for a few days, because, if I bring them into the house, the two kitty's will have a nibble at them! The wee pup sounds like a lovely wee thing, even if it did leave you starved of your elevenses! And you needed your biccies for sustenance to keep you going while you were grafting away at your bird boxes, you'll have them finished in no time now, at the rate you are churning them out! Better put the light out, early meeting tomorrow, yawn! Speak soon Tony! Take care, have fun!

29 Jun, 2011


Lovely pergolar photo and love those petunias gorgeous, lovely combination in the 2nd photo, how lucky was that trespasser getting rewarded with the last biscuit just think of the pounds you have nt gained by sharing lol.

29 Jun, 2011


hi sixpence glad you liked the blog. What is a chap to do when he has no biccys ? The cheek of it was Sixpence that Muffin came back for two more just after lunch today (LoL). The little lad and his mum came round to thank me with a little reward wait for it yes a pkt of rich tea . All,s well that ends well. Take care enjoy Tony

30 Jun, 2011


hi Elizabeth Thankyou for the oil offer but we put Tiny on a teeny tread mill to keep him warm, his little legs give of sparks. That way we save on oil and its very satisfiying (LoL). He liked the central heating idea but good heavens surely you havent found radiators in your garden as well!. Yes it the time for cuttings Elizabeth hope yours turn out ok. Had another visit from Muffin and his owner today and got a pressy also for returning him yesterday. Packet of rich tea which i put away in my biccy tin just incase Muffin got hungry again. I got two old geraniums at a boot sale year before last and they came on fine with a little TLC. Yes their are many bargains around Elizabeth. 6 boxes completed now, only 3 more then i have to paint them. Hope you had a good sleep and of course a beneficial meeting today. Please also keep in mind that i am going to keep pestering you for that blog young lady. We miss your talents. Take care Elizabeth enjoy Tony

30 Jun, 2011


Lol bite your nails or garden to take your mind off having no bickies hehe, that was kind of them to bring you a packet of rich tea.

30 Jun, 2011


Hi sixpence I had to tell them that i had given Muffin a biccy sixpence so they must have thought i was starving (LoL). Take care enjoy, Tony

1 Jul, 2011


He he they took sympathy on you Tony :o))

2 Jul, 2011

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