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Weather today great. Time to weed and feed both lawns. Fed all my outside plants, and restocked the bird feeders also. Re potted two tomato plants and pruned my Vinca plant. Bird activity very intense,chicks must be very hungry. Tiny and i watched pirate film in envy of captain jack sparrow. Than i made sure both outside bird baths were full of water. Tomorrow is re stock day for my air tight biscuit box. My good lady is to supply one packet Fig bar and one pkt rich tea and my box will be full. I will also be putting a lawn sprinkler unit on the rear lawn. May replace my intercom as my good lady is having difficulty reading numbers at her end of system. Looks like another great day. Take care enjoy. Thankyou to the lady member who brought my notice to the weed and feed product.

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Sounds like you have had a very busy day Tony, I bet you feel well pleased, I love a good day in the garden, when you don't have to think of anything else....I've just watered mine, some of the border plants are growing very tall in the wrong places....but it all seems to work out well come summer. Don't forget that baby birds can't eat nuts very well....maybe your not using nuts though. Fig rolls...yes please, my faves...could eat a whole packet in one go....:o)) Intercom??? Reading that for how many biscuits you want...Lol

Enjoy your gardening.....

19 May, 2011


TONY! And you tell me not to encourage Tiny to dismantle your shed floor for planks to build his ship! And then you let him watch Capt'n Jack Sparrow on tv?! Now just you watch...before your very eyes the dreadful transformation will slowly take place ...first the hat...then the long black coat... the big stomping boots...and before you can blink behind your black eye patch... Ta Da!! Capt'n Tiny Budgie!! Mark my words, next, it'll not be pieces of eight, it'll be 'Pieces of Fig Roll!' and you'll only have yourself to blame...Lol!!

Got the greenhouse completely cleaned out yesterday, while it was nice, my sis helped me, bless her! We heaved every plant out, into the sun, rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in! Result? I don't have to put any plants on the floor anymore! Fantastic! Nothing to trip over! Always a bonus! Take care, Tony, kissy kissy to Tiny- aka Jim Lad!

19 May, 2011


hi Janey I see your after my fig roll.s!. Well i put one on the patio table on a saucer for you but since you could,nt make it i ate it (Lol) . Take care nice to hear from you. Tony

20 May, 2011


Avast fair maiden(otherwise known as Elizabeth) thats a very good description of Tiny but blimey surely your not after my Fig bars as well. So you got the green house sorted but i bet your sister did,nt confiscate your eatables (LoL). Yes a clear floor is a good idea , I have my car bucket and my mop bucket under the staging. The latter is a must for a pirate me harty. Now you have me at it . Tiny likes the Captain title elizabeth but won,t part with his fig bar either(LoL). Easy day today, tomorrow weather permitting its power wash day. Take care enjoy . Tony & tiny.

20 May, 2011

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