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Mostly in the shed work day. Made 8 brackets to fit on the greenhouse inner support struts then got what little moss was on the greenhouse floor out of the way. Decided to cut and drill some aluminium support brackets to give the greenhouse more wind resistance. Got Lucy ( the cat) to guard my shed door while i went back to the greenhouse. Noticed my plant were spreading along and out wards from the staging. Had a great shock back at the shed when a Val Doonican number came on my portable. Then i cleaned my work surfaces using wire wool and Sif(good lady gave it to me) swept the shed floor. Went into the house told Tiny (the budgie) to keep an eye on my greenhouse and shed whilst i went for a stroll to see my new friend Nelson( the cat) . He is doing fine but i think he thinks everyone,s a lollipop. He may need a new tongue at this rate. Fuchsia,s still going yellow leaved will have to get in touch with bamboo member. Take care all enjoy

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Seems you ve been busy too today, must be the weather , I can see you have your table out in the sun no sun here to day, that was very kind of Lucy and Tiny to keep watch. Lol about Nelson licking every one nice to know he's ok. The fuchsia could be old age if its an old one if so take cuttings and throw plant away, or over watering or not enough feed.

13 May, 2011


All sorted out at your place then, if I spot my cats near the greenhouses I panic as they have a habit of upending my trays at this time of the year, they go in looking for the resident frogs...Hope Nelson has settled in ok...

13 May, 2011


Oh no! Not Val Doonican! Lol! :0o Hope you had your very best big chunky jumper on! What a shock for you! That's so funny!!
Good idea to put more struts on your greenhouse, I remember you blogging about the wind nearly shaking it off it's foundations, it would be just terrible if anything were to happen to it...what would we do without our greenhouses!?
It's funny you saying about Nelson licking everyone, as one of our two shelter cats, Bear, is forever licking people, luckily everyone's ok with it, but we found out that he does it because, before we got him, he had been recently through a trauma, he'd been chased and attacked by dogs, and now he licks everyone as a way of reassuring himself that he's amongst friends! Bear doesn't do it just quite as much now...mind you, we have had him, and Chloe, our other cat for about 3 years now, so I think Nelson has a few years licking ahead of him! It can be really cute though!
Please will you pass on to Securabudgie and his furry sidekick Securakitty, that I think they are doing a sterling job of guarding your property! Take care! ;0)

14 May, 2011

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