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Sun then rain its such a pain it really doesnt know, but then again without sun and without rain our seeds could never grow. Don,t mind the sun on greenhouse pain its nice and mostly hot but when its rain its cold again and i don’t like the thought. Got my cuttings on my tray the sun it is a shining\ ho blinking heck its rain again/ it really was bad timing. Alas the day comes to an end no rain or sun to see but in my thoughts i love them both they meen a lot to me. Had a moment to fill so if you dont like the pun please forgive me .

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Like your verse so right the sun and rain and wind we are getting here comes and goes, reminds me of a childrens story how the sun won the fight with the wind to get a man to take his coat off. Your grass is looking great and hope those cutting take well for you Tony

13 May, 2011


Tell me about it think we've got April showers today and your right it is cold :(

13 May, 2011


Unfortunately we have had practically NO rain at all, so everywhere is very dry, even though I do water the plants every couple of days.

As you are our expert on clouds, have you ever seen or heard of a nacreous cloud ? I saw one just as I was on my way home from work, coming along the road to my village a few years ago and it was brilliant. It was like a big patch of a rainbow, only instead of it being spread over the sky like a rainbow is, it was in a square, and reminded me of the Northern lights only it was much more colourful. When my OH and I looked into it, apparently it is very rare, so I was really glad I'd seen it. We tried to take a photograph of it but it didn't come out very well, unfortunately.

Just thought I'd mention it to you in case you knew anything about them.

13 May, 2011


Our rain has disappeared again, its been a bit chilly today and plenty of cloud but no wet stuff, hosepipe been out as shoulders hurt carting watering cans.....

13 May, 2011


Gosh Tony! You're a poet, and I didn't know it! Teehee! ;0) Well done!!

13 May, 2011

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