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Thankyou everyone for commenting on Tiny,s tantrums. Tiny has been a very good Budgie indeed today. With the bad weather i had to stay in and was grateful for his company. Tiny gave Mr Wobbley man a big kiss and cuddled up to Tweety pie in a very apologetic manner. His new toy Propellar mirror also got a lot of attension. Its a mirror with a propeller in the centre he can spin. I read my paper in peace whilst Tiny chattered merriley to one of my cuff links. Just before lunch Tiny as usual fell asleep with his beak in my ear and i knew then that he had forgiven me. He even showed his affection to my good lady by getting his head through her loop ear rings and kissing her ear lobe(Cheeky little devil) all is well and Tiny has won the battle again. Lucy the cat has a new freind pic,s not downloaded yet. Greenhouse germinations are very good. Take care enjoy.

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Looks like Tiny has shown who's boss - glad things are back to normal. Have a good weekend.

2 Apr, 2011


One of the things I look forward to the very most on GoY.... your wonderful budgie blogs :o)))))))

My budgie Crocus also has a propellor mirror which I call his "whizzer" ... it can get up to quite a speed of knots when given the correct beak action. Lol.

Glad to know that Tiny has been such a good budgie. x

... and this blog another now on my favourites !

2 Apr, 2011


Wonderful Tiny has been well behaved to day perhaps Tiny is appologising to you by chattering to your cufflink, knowing it went to far lol lovely photo of Lucy she is big is nt she diet .

2 Apr, 2011


Bless him,I reckon he was suffering with spring fever and Lucy has definitely eaten too much pudding, does she eat at your house as well as next door, I found out a few weeks ago that our Ollie is also dining out four doors away on a daily basis,lol......

3 Apr, 2011

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