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Tiny,s freinds


By 230338


Tiny (our budgie) is a mischievious little fellow loved by all but very talketive all the time. We came up with a ruse to occupy Tiny whilst giving us a quiet moment in return. Tweety pie came on the scene, a little dolly(photo below) it did the trick until Tiny bit Tweety,s toe off. Alas i drilled a little hole in tweety,s foot and screwed him to the perch this was not good as Tiny then tried to eat tweety,s bald head. This was good because tinys beak slipped off his cranium quite often. Sorry this was bad as Tiny became noisey. I,m blooming fed up and totaley defeated (LoL). Guess its back to give us a kiss Tiny. We love him. Take care enjoy happy gardening.

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perhaps if you played some bird song to him he would listen instead of singing himself ~ might not solve the problem for you tho!!!

14 Mar, 2011


Perhap a real mate for him the singing normally is to show he is strong to mate with perhaps its spring and he knows its the mating season.

14 Mar, 2011


My dad used to put a tea towel over our canary if it sang too much....never for very long but the canary seemed to get the message.

Maybe 6pence has a point.....Tiny wants a girlfriend :)

15 Mar, 2011


Lovely blog :o))) Now on my favourites...

I tawt I taw a Tweety Pie .. !!!

If you bought another real budgie, then Tiny probably wouldn't talk "words" any more ... he would be likely to go back to chatting budgie tweets to the other budgie... so not always the best idea ...

Tiny is a lucky budgie to have you as owners, and so many wonderful toys... :o)

15 Mar, 2011


Tiny is lovely and you would not really want him to go quiet, had a chuckle at him eating Tweety`s toe,.....

15 Mar, 2011


Male birds do tend to sing, rather tahn females. Due to what they would be doing in wild.

When I was young, my Mum bought a male canary. She made sure it was male so that it would sing.

I'm afarid that as you have a male bird, u may have to just put up with it.

A girlfriend sounds like a good idea.

our canary was happier when he got a girlfriend.

15 Mar, 2011


thankyou terra and linclass. Tiny moulting now so he is quiet. For a breif period we can speak uninterupted (LoL). Thankyou sixpence and stickitoffe all is quiet in our lounge. take care enjoy.

17 Mar, 2011

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