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Disaster in my propagator Quite a lot of seeds lost due to lack of light. Germination presented several lanky plants. Condensation held the light back it appears. Next move is to thank nature for the lesson and proceed to hope for good weather and more sowing. Keeping a close eye on my fly trap seed,s. I have the latter in a pot and have used rain water on the soil. As john wayne used to comment “those pesky critters won,t beat me” sorry it could have been Roy rogers. Take care enjoy.

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My venus fly trap I also use rain water as they dont like the harsh tap water. I always top the water up by putting it in a saucer and letting it drink that way.
I did let it flower one year to see what it looked like, a bit insignificant to tell the truth and all it done was knock it back for a while.

1 Mar, 2011


Sorry you ve lost some seeds Tony through lack of light have nt you got vents on your propagator to release the condensation. My nan use to have a tap for rain water inside the house next to the cold tap, she always washed her hair with it.

2 Mar, 2011


thankyou treesandthings i usualey use base watering on my plants but the rainwater issue was one i was told recentley. Seeds look ok at moment but its earley days yet. Take care enjoy.

2 Mar, 2011


Thats a shame Tony......its a cold wet spring too, such a lot of damp and high humidity which doesn't bode well for new seedlings either. My pelargonium seedlings became really leggy in a few days, I've potted them on though and they are forming their new leaves. I have had to bring inside as many as I could as the cold and damp in the greenhouse was no good. Last year we used a paraffin heater, but it was expensive. Hope your Venus fly trap seeds come on okay, I have wrapped some of my pots round with bubble wrap, it helps a bit.

2 Mar, 2011

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