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Mighty Mouse


By 1pop


I have mice in my garden shed , they have gnawed my packet of bird seed for the garden birds. I found my trusty mousetrap and tried to set it, it is a very temperamental mousetrap and got me as I tried to set it leaving me with a blood blister on my finger. I shared a kitkat with the mouse and as I set the trap with it the trap went off , and the bit of kitkat I was setting the trap with ,flew onto the shed floor. Before I could reach it the little mouse beat me to it and ran off with it.
Regards pop.

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Sorry Pop, couldn't help laughing. That mousie got the better of you that time.

28 Feb, 2014


Use a milk bottle to put your bait in,
Lean the bottle so the bait is down the bottom of the bottle,
And have a piece of string tied around the neck of the bottle,
Place the bottle so its on the edge of a good drop area ie a plant pot,with the string secured so the bottle will not roll away.
the idea is that as the mouse enters the bottle to get the food the bottle tips and is hung by the string,
The mouse can't climb out and then its up to you to get rid of the mouse.
Take it for a long drive and let it out "but dont give it a map.

28 Feb, 2014


Should I set the trap to kill Mighty Mouse or should i let the clever little blighter live even though he pinched my kitkat. Pop

1 Mar, 2014


Keep everything in metal containers, he'll go when it warms up but him and his family will be back!

1 Mar, 2014


I have them in my bottom greenhouse, I think they live under the shed and burrow up when they're hungry, I've never managed to get rid of them, little beggars ate all my bulbs a few winters back so now I don't put them in that one and my birdfood is in a huge container thats hard even for me when it comes to opening it, they've been eating the apples that I stored so now they're only for the birds, I have 3 cats and 2 dogs, you'd think that would deter the little blighters, because of that I daren't resort to poison....

1 Mar, 2014


shotgun pops?

20 Apr, 2014


Lol Dungy - clever stuff!

21 Apr, 2014


Clever little blighters - mice! I get them in a storage shed I have, they chew everything and of course pee on whatever they walk on - mice are incontinent.
OH has a fishing shed and they eat waders, rod bags, rags etc. He found the poison carefully transferred from the heap (no danger of birds getting in here) into his boots, must have been 1/2lb in there!
Can't work out where they get in either!

1 Jul, 2014


Had to chuckle Honey, my hubby has his fishing tackle in a little shed that backs onto my garden shed, he didn't give two hoots about the mice getting at my bulbs and apples but you should have heard him when he discovered they'd got in his shed as well, chewed his nets and bag so now they have to go, typical isn't it......

1 Jul, 2014


Lol, that'll larn 'im...

1 Jul, 2014

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