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My lovely greenhouse


By 1pop


Hi everybody .
Hope none of you we’re affected by this terrible weather we have been having. As I have said before as long as the winds are westerly I am ok. But, look what happened in the big storm when the wind had a lot of south in it.
Regards to you all.

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Hi 1 pop,
Thats any greenhouse gardeners worst nightmare and one all greenhouse owners think about as they go to have a look at their greenhouses after strong winds,

Now my greenhouse has a line of photinia red robin trees in front of it, only 4feet high but because of this height when the wind get to the open side of the greenhouse it's raised enough to take it over the greenhouse,

I got all the info ref what height i needed from google and it worked well so far,
Looking at your photo i was wondering if you added a few feet on that fencing!!!
if the same would work for you?

Are you going to try and put the frame back together or is it a complete "NO NO" ?

19 Feb, 2014


Oh Pop, I am sorry to see this.....

19 Feb, 2014


What a heartbreaker, and just as we are coming up to sowing time. This picture will surely make lots of us count our blessings. All the very best to you as you try to make good what you can.

19 Feb, 2014


That is such a shame. I'm sure you'll bounce back, it all just takes time though doesn't it.

19 Feb, 2014


Sorry to see this, take care.

19 Feb, 2014


Maybe you can make a frame from the bits that are left ?

20 Feb, 2014


Oh how disheartening but like all good gardeners I`m sure you`ll bounce back ... good luck for the coming season.

20 Feb, 2014


Thank you all for your comments, only half the greenhouse was demolished just saved one sheet of glass but the saved half of the greenhouse has many panes smashed. My wife Joan and myself went yesterday and tidied up. We have decided to repair the greenhouse left standing, and just have a small area under glass. Like one of the comments stated, us gardeners just pick ourselves up and start all over again.
Regards pop.

21 Feb, 2014


Must have been a terrible task picking all the glass up, I hope the remaining frame hasn't twisted in the wind cos it sure had some power behind it, I was very lucky Pop as one of my rounded pieces did blow out but it was in daylight and I spotted it and was able to put it back, otherwise more of mine could have blown out.
Yes we refuse to let the beggar beat us, hope the weather is good to you so you can soon be back in action again....

21 Feb, 2014

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