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Can You Overfeed ?


By Louise1

Somerset, United Kingdom

I bought some Miracle Gro last autumn (special offer/low price) and feeding is something that i've not seriously followed, ever.
I have 2 questions really, can you OVERfeed with this stuff and, will it still be viable? Can these nutrients die/go off if not used for a few months?
I used some at the beginning of this week and you're directed to use it at fortnightly intervals .... can you overdo it or can i use some again at weekly intervals ?



Depends what you're using it on; if on permanent planting, like shrubs, perennials, etc., stick to the instructions and don't feed past the end July. If you're using it on pots, tubs and boxes with summer bedding only, then once a week will be more effective. And, like the medicines we use, I do believe that some of the ingredients might be less effective over time, but if its only a year old, it'll be fine. I'm still finishing my miracle gro from last year ...

13 Jun, 2009


Thanks Bamboo.
It's used on permanents - shrubs and perennials.
Also, why not feed after the end of July, is there a start and finish time generally then ?
Wouldn't early spring - late autumn be effective for feeding?

13 Jun, 2009


Feeding past the end of July encourages plants to put out more new, sappy growth, and this will be nipped by the frost when it comes a couple of months or so later. July is technically, and depressingly, the end of the growing season in Britain, it's to do with the shortening of the days, except for winter crops. I know, I know, don't think about it too much!

13 Jun, 2009


I see, thanks Bamboo.
As for the end of July ..... i shan't think about it either !!!

13 Jun, 2009

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