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and me again, after posting my mysterious plant last week (in pic ) i was walking down a street and noticed there were a load of them in this garden so after knocking on the door and getting the old man to tell me what they were i found out they are in fact lupins, i just want to know what they prefer and the care they need, never planted them and havent a clue where there from,thank you all



they are not fussy plants, but over rich soil makes lots of leaf and fewer flowers. they perform better in full sun but will tolerate light shade. they are prone to greenfly though. if you dead head the flower spike you often get a second flush, though fewer and smaller later in the year. they will self seed too. they are very thin leaves for lupins though. so glad you got them id'd

8 Jun, 2009


agree about the greenfly!
Sadly I've just had to cut all of ours down, tho they looked so lovely. The greenfly were just EVERYWHERE! But then again, it's the first time I've had that problem...

8 Jun, 2009


thanks for all your advice, im not overly concerned about them, they seem to be doin ok which aint bad considering they were a gift probably by a blackbird or something of that sort

8 Jun, 2009


i spray with soapy water and also wear rubber gloves and rub my hand up the flower spike and squish them too.

8 Jun, 2009


i could do a blog one day on how much i enjoy splatting the *******s! Think i might get flagged tho, lol.

8 Jun, 2009

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