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what to do with seed pods off lupins,can u keep them



It's recommended that you sow the ripe seeds when they're fresh. Soak them in warm water for 12 hours, then sow the seeds in pots in compost with added grit or vermiculite. Cover them with vermiculite and put them in a cold frame or shady corner. They take 2 - 5 weeks to germinate. Watch out for snails and slugs, they enjoy the young seedlings.

20 Aug, 2011


If you are wanting to grow more lupins from the seed you need to wait until the pods and brown and look as if they are about to split open. You then have two choices lave them on the plant and let them self seed, You'll need to be careful when weeding the next year; or remove the seed pods and the seeds inside them and sow in seed pans and put outside to get on and grow. Next spring if you have gone this route as the lupins get bigger simply transfer them to individual pots to grow on and then plant out in the garden. Beware slugs love young lupins.

20 Aug, 2011

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