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growing busy lissie out of a packet of seeds

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I Have asked this question before but it seems not to have been submitted. have tried growing busy lissie for he past 2 years, out of a packet of seeds i only get about four plants, could someone please give me some idea as where I am going wrong.

On plant Impatiens walleriana



Hello Fatherbear,
Sorry your question has not been answered before.
Hope this will help.You need to buy new seed, do not squeeze the packet. Have fresh seed compost which must be warm and not too wet.
Busy Lizzies need bottom heat if sown before mid March.
Have small seed trays, press in the soil, sow seed on the top, do not put soil on top of the seed, it's too fine to cover. Soak with warm water, place trays in propogating frame. Cover trays with a small sheet of glass and cover with 1 sheet of paper.
Turn glass every day, take off the paper when seeds show green.
Take off glass when true leaves can be seen.
Put out in open greenhouse when almost big enough to prick out.
Hope you can understand all of this.

20 Jan, 2009


Or you could try growing them from little plug plants from a nursery or mail order, it's still quite cheap and you should get less failures.

21 Jan, 2009


Doctorbob, thanks very much for your reply and advice, I shall use this advice as soon as I can, let you know the result Thanks again . fatherbear

22 Jan, 2009

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