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Planting in garden instructions please

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well if you mean how do you plant new plants . you dont plant any deeper than the plant is in the pot with most plants thow its always worth reading the instructions . you can put the whole plant is in lower than the seround so its easier to water just dont put the soill further up the stem .

12 Jul, 2011


Betty is asking about planting Calla Lilies NP

12 Jul, 2011


From what I hear, the variety 'Crowborough' is the only one likely to be permanent in the UK, and it has suffered damage in this last winter, anyway. If not 'Crowborough', but still a white kind, this late in the season, I would plant the tuber in a pot, and bury the pot in a semi-shaded area with plenty of water. The plant should put on good growth, and may even bloom before it gets too cold. After the first light frost kills the foliage, dig the pot up, and put it someplace cool, frost free, and dry, to keep the tuber over the winter. Next spring, the pot could be planted out again, or the tuber could be transferred to a larger pot, and it planted out. Colored varieties of callas can be treated the same, but need a little more sun, a little better drainage, and are more sensitive to frost.

12 Jul, 2011


ow i see mg x .

14 Jul, 2011

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