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winter care of Euonymus

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my Emerald and Gold is in a container on my front stoop. I live in CT - mid state. will it survive the winter? should I protect it somehow? I am not a plant person and thought it would die once we had a frost. I did not prune it so the longer stems arent so pretty but i just looked at it closely and close to the soil it is really pretty. I had intended on pulling it out of the container and throwing it out but now I want to see what the experts think?

On plant Euonymus fortunei



I assume you mean a Euonymous Green and Gold? These re pretty resilient shrubs and should survive a frost, however I'm not too sure where you are and what your climate zone is. What sort of temperatures do your frosty conditions get to. Wait til the weather warms up and give it a trim, a hard prune won't hurt at all.

16 Dec, 2008


I would sugget you pickax a hole in that frozen ground you have and plop the pot and plant in. Tamp the soil tight and mulch with leaves. Hopefully snow will add to the protection.

Even hardy plants such as Euonymus are not hardy when they are in pots. Think of a qt. of water left outside on a freezing night. The freezing will break the glass. In a container it crushes the roots. I hope I am explaining this okay ... I am looking at loosing thousands of plants because of lack of snow. If the snow comes, I am saved.

Forget about pruning, just get the guy buried or mulch up to the top with leaves. That is what I did to all my bonsai.

Prune what is left in the spring. Not now.

17 Dec, 2008


here here skyline get it wear it the ground.i baught an acer that had bean bonzied for 16 never sean a plant go yippee im free but im sure thats what it would of didnt do anything while it got its roots settled(the importent bit) but it put 4` stems out the very next seasen and is doing fine.i had to chop it back as it goes it grew so long and rangy.even my planters have no base for tap roots etc.just got the look of being in pots.i hope ive helped bye for now

18 Dec, 2008

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