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rabbits eating flowers

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is there anything you can put around flowers at a cemertary to stop the rabbit eating the flower heads?



Welcome to GOY. You could try surrounding them with soft string or twine soaked in creosote or its equivalent, set at appropriate height like an electric fence. I think\creosote is now a banned substance.

21 Oct, 2008


Hi redrex,
Also welcome to GOY.
They do make covers for plants etc. If you Google flower pots, and go down to Flower pots and planters, there are two on there, the ninth address down is the one you want. They have a plastic cover which looks good for the cemetary. It would help against frost and the weather.
Hope this will help you.

22 Oct, 2008


Hi and welcome, are the flowers cut or growing? i am a florist and i don't know how true this is but apprently if it is cut flowers it is a common problem, but acording to some of my regular customers put down carnations as they tend to leave them alone.

22 Oct, 2008

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