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lupin tree


By Gussy1

United Kingdom

hi our lupin tree has suddenly died. it is 2 years old and was fine 2 weeks ago. the flowers we beautiful and then when the seeds were harvested about 2 weeks ago it just seems to have died. i'm not sure whether this is because it is like normal lupin plants or not. with it being in a pot it has been fed and watered regularly. thank you for any help you can supply as our local garden centres haven't got a clue as the have never heard of this plant. (my dad got given it as small plant last year)



Like other members of its family, tree lupins are not very long-lived. Is it possible it got waterlogged in this year's wet summer as well? Anyway, it should be fairly easy to raise new plants for the seed (it will also self sow if happy but seedlings in the garden should be moved asap as they resent root disturbance)

9 Sep, 2008


I love the lupin tree, but it does have a tendency to die for no particular reason. if you had flowers do you have seed? they are realy easy and you get tall ones small ones yellow and blue ones. there great fun.

9 Sep, 2008


Tree Lupins often die from waterlogging. They grow wild on sand dunes and make their own nitrogen by bacteria nodules on their roots. I think some of the seeds willl come up amost at once some in Spring some even later. This ensures some survive. Clever plant.

10 Sep, 2008

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