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i am planning to create a waterfall in a rocky land , can i have some plans of the basic and the design i should follow



I would have a look around the net George.

19 Aug, 2008


if this is your first time doing this and you have no one to consult, like a friend or professional who can actually come and look at your job, you are in for a major case of trial and error.

The trickiest part about creating a waterfall, is retaining water levels, most people fall short on this part, they just assume when both levels are full of water, that they will stay like that. The water that is used in the pump and hose mechanism will flow naturally down to the lower level when it is turned off, making the lower level overflow slightly and the upper level loose some water, this will lead to you having to fill up the pond every so often, depending on the flow of water you use, this is annoying and takes away from the fact that you are trying to create a natural water feature, it really ruins the whole illusion, the way around this is to implement a ball cock and inflow system that will fill up the upper level every time the water level drops, with this system in place you now face the task of hiding the ball cock and inflow system has this will take away from the water feature.

Do yourself a favour and consult a landscaper who specialises in water features, you may have to pay him for his time, in fact I hope you do have to pay him for his time, but it will be worthed and save you a lot of frustration.

Best of look with it, please post up a photo when it's all done.

Take care

21 Aug, 2008


There is a member on here called 'Fourseasons' have a look at their page and I think they did a blog on how they did their stream and waterfall - it was very impressive and might help inspire you! :-)

31 Aug, 2008

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