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I have grown cucumbers for the first time this year and was so pleased that they produced big fruits but they dont look (or taste) like the cucumbers in the shops, They look more like baby marrows. What did I do wrong?

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Are they ridge cucumbers? They are a bit knobbly or prickley looking and fresh home grown cues tast much sweeter than shop bought watery ones.

27 Jul, 2010


Just to follow up on Cammomile's comment, if they are ridge cue's and are prickly, the skin is very tough and should be removed. They do taste much different to shop bought, water filled, ones that don't have much taste at all.

27 Jul, 2010


thanks for your responses. They do have prickles but no ridges. They really do look like small marrows and when I opened one to eat it the seed pod area was very large and they really didnt taste good. They were not a specific variety but I would like to have another go next year but not if they are taking over my greenhouse and are inedible!! Any help appreciated.

11 Aug, 2010


Could you post a photo of the plant and the fruit so we have a better idea what is happening?
You can add it to this question!

11 Aug, 2010


I have had the same problem as littlemo. I got very large & fat fruit that look like marrows. The 1st one I harvested was nice but the rest (which was my fault) had become inedible due to leaving them too long. I too used seeds that didn't state the variety f the cucumbers. I'm still new to this grow your own stuff so will have many questions to ask.

8 Sep, 2013

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