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Growing Allum from seed

essex, England

i have collected loads of Allium seeds A. rosenbachianum and A. cristophii. but i can't find instructions on how and when to sow them anywhere. have any of you done it before, if so how difficult is it and whats the best way and time to do it please? thank you



Scatter the seeds on a pot and you will find they will germinate. Also let them rop around the plant and they will germinate, they will take a time to flower and if you have many different varities in your garden ,they will more than likely cross pollinate and not come true.

7 Aug, 2008


I have grown dozens of varieties of Alliums from seed over the last cough cough years. It is reasonably easy, but the bigger the bulb the longer the wait for flowers. So here goes
Sow the seed fresh. It germinates better straight from the plant rather than being dried off.
Cover lightly with grit, gravel or whatever rather than compost.
Sow in a deep pot rather than a seed tray (reasons later).
Leave exposed to weather. They need a period of cold followed by warmth to initiate germination.
When (if?) they germinate do not be in a hurry to p rick them out. This is the reason for deep pot rather than seed tray. They have only one root to begin with and if it is damage, it dies and a new one has to be produced from the base of the seedling. usually they die.
Feed the seed pot with dilute Baby Bio type stuff, until the leaves go yellow then allow the pot to dry off.
Repotting may be done when they are dormant. Some types never really go dormant so be careful.
I often do not repot until they have had another seasons growth. Remember many of them actually grow in late winter/early spring.
Cannot think of anything else for the moment.
Not as hard as it seems. Oh and since they are almost always self pollenated you get what you sow, no variations. UNLESS you have been given some Allium flavum hybrids in which case.................

7 Aug, 2008


thank you so much, think i will give it a go! would either of you like some of my seeds? - more than happy to send you some, just message me you address and i will send some and then we can compair notes! lol

8 Aug, 2008


A very kind offer, but not for me thank-you. I already have those mentioned plus probably about 50 more different ones. Some of them are becoming real seed weeds too. Never ever plant Allium flavum!

8 Aug, 2008


no probs Owdboggy, i have herd about A.flavum, and no i don't have any of thoughs! i really like the large headed ones, they really stand out against the pink and white planting i have a the back of my garden, and as a florist the seed heads are always useful too. i have followed your advice and sown a few seeds today, so i'll keep you posted on how i get on. once again thanks

8 Aug, 2008


So Ang as uv kindly Posted some of these Lovely Seeds on2 me did Owdboggys Advice Work ? :) Cos i cant wait 2 get mine sown :)xxx

12 Mar, 2009


yes it did Jac, only thing is they have all died back now though, so i am hoping they will come back up soon, - in fact you have just reminded me that i need to move them back into the sunny greenhouse, they have been in the little plastic one by the back door - it gets only a small amount of light this time of year, mainly use it for cuttings.

13 Mar, 2009


Thanx Ang il sow them 2day just how Owdboggy says 2 XXX

13 Mar, 2009

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