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Chenango/NY, United States

My hollyhocks have turned yellow and look awful. Is this powdery mildew? Will next years come out the same way? The flowers are beautiful. Should I cut them back?



Hollyhocks are very prone to rust which looks like orange spots on the leaves and they get very holy and manky. It is a fungus. You need to destroy the affected foliage by removing and burning etc if this is the problem. You can still enjoy the flowers and get rid if the plant later. They self seed very well.

7 Aug, 2008


Hollyhocks are prone to rust, unless you spray early there is not much you can do. Enjoy the flowers and try to ignore the leaves cut them to the ground after they finish flowering and they will come back next year.

7 Aug, 2008


I read somewhere that if they are planted in an open, exposed position, they are not so prone to rust. But then I guess they would be prone to being flattened by winds as well!

7 Aug, 2008


Andrewr is right ,they are better in the open ,you just have to stake them well.

7 Aug, 2008

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