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By Louise1

Somerset, United Kingdom

Does anyone have the fade-resistant Achilleas in their gardens ?
I've looked for them for over a year now and i just find the red one and i'd prefer a pink one.
I'd be very interested to hear where it was bought from.

I asked at the RHS Wisley garden advice dept and the 'person' i spoke to didn't even know what i was talking about ..... you'd think that 'there' they'd have a 'bit' more knowledge, wouldn't you, grrrrr.

It's the 6th September and i have news ....
I bought the supposedly fade-resistant one, called 'Summer Wine' and .... it's the best i've bought for retaining its colour as it ages.
I've included a photo to show it, it's been flowering for goodness knows how long now and it's still bright.
So, i'm quite pleased with this one and will definately get more of them !


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