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Cala Lily

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So the cala lily is a bulb i thought i was looking for seeds, so the bulbs are in the ground? i was led to believe my plant grew much larger, and heard this was a poisionus plant and could harm livestock and small children, should i worry? Many thanks for the previous info it has been much help in knowing my plant better. thanks again Neil ;-)

On plant White cala lily



Well, like many other plants/bulbs/flowers this may well be poisonous if anybody ate it. However, I believe that children should be taught NOT to eat anything in the garden unless Mum or Dad says they can. Animals are very unlikely to dig up the bulb. If you excluded all potentially harnful plants etc you would only be growing a handful in your garden!!!! So don't worry about it, Neil.

10 Jul, 2008


Many thanks for reasuring me on this.

11 Jul, 2008


2 years ago I dried and planted the seeds from a single bloom. Last year I had some foliage but no flowers. Hundreds of bulbs developed. The larger bulbs produced flowers this year. Last years smaller bulbs are now the same size as this years larger/flowering ones.

I am hoping for greater success next year.


3 Oct, 2008

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