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By Louise1

Somerset, United Kingdom

Does anyone else have a lot of the miniature snails this year ?
I have the usual types but these are only about 5mm in size and they're getting 'everywhere' .... i've not noticed them before but i guess they've always been here.
Are they in greater numbers this spring/year ?



yep I have a lot of snails and slugs. the warm weather encouraged the eggs into hatching too. The cold autumn had them going deeper in the soil to lay their eggs. clever little critters.

10 May, 2010


yep not uncommon at this time of year louise

10 May, 2010


there not miniture there just young ones . great fish food or just squash them as they grow quickly .

10 May, 2010


Oh, thanks Nosey - how ignorant am i, i thought they were just a new annoyance in my garden !

11 May, 2010


no there just the same ones waiting to grow and annoy you . its not ignorant as they look a lot smaller and you dont often see them just hatched as they are quite vulnrable and edible at this size louise lol .

11 May, 2010

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