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Berries edible on Cotoneaster?


By Bonsai

United States

The cotoneaster cashmiriensis (aka Kashmir Cotoneaster) has berries. Are these berries edible? do they taste any good?

On plant Cotoneaster Cashmiriensis



The berries are not considered edible on any of the Cotoneaster, though they are not toxic.

5 Jul, 2008


Some people think they are very tasty. They are related to apples and loquats, after all. I once tried a hawthorn fruit (related), it had the wierdest taste you can imagine, like an especially tart crabapple. It is an apple ancestor. Some say cotoneasters go especially well with venison.

23 Oct, 2010


Rowan berries are good too. And I have eaten osos for years, like the Gabrielenos. These are all relatives of the apple, the pear, and the quince.

23 Oct, 2010

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