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By Louise1

Somerset, United Kingdom

My Pittosporums are going bare.
I have a number of variegated ones and they're losing leaves, they have plenty of new growth but they're also losing it too.
Is this caused by caterpillars ??
I ask because this garden is caterpillar city .... or is it slugs and snails ?
I've seen the miniature ones on them (like i saw on the obelisks clematis).
Does anyone else have this happening ??



My Pittosporum Tobira variegata often loses a few leaves, as with yours, when also growing new leaves ...

... but last week when we had experienced many dry days, the number of leaves falling seemed to increase, so I took a guess and gave it lots of water, and that did seem to help...

Maybe add a photo to your question, in case it gives us further ideas about slugs, bugs or whatever ?

4 May, 2010

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