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By Louise1

Somerset, United Kingdom

Are All Campanula Invasive ?
I have Campanula punctata, persicifolia and glomerata and they're all taking over !!!
Is this a normal trait for this plant ?



hi louise i have persiciflolia alba which isnt invasive like some, its the second year and its back and looking lovely but not sprouting up everywhere , just where it was planted,

17 Apr, 2010


certainly for the ones you have mentioned, though there are other more well behaved ones. These are easy to weed out though. You could plant them in a pot to restrict them like you would mint.

17 Apr, 2010


San, yours are behaving then, good well behaved ones ;-)
Seaburn, thanks for that info, i'll have to keep ontop of them :-/

18 Apr, 2010


will keep my eye on them now though just incase lol

18 Apr, 2010

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