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By Louise1

Somerset, United Kingdom

Blanda 'blue' turned white !
I've had several Anemone Blanda 'blue' in the ground for two years now and one of the plants' flowers has turned white - has anyone else had this happen, is it a common occurance ?

On plant Anemone blanda 'blue'.



It is probably a seedling from the original plant, they do come in pinks and whites as well as the blue.

27 Mar, 2010


Do you mean it will revert back to its blue colour, or will it stay white now ?
And, why haven't the other plants done this ?

27 Mar, 2010


Louise, if it is a seedling, it is a separate plant, and will stay white. It may be a "bud sport" from one of the other tubers, in which case, it stands about a 2% chance of reverting back to blue. Another possibility is adjacent buds fom the mother tuber producing offsets with parti-colored blue and white flowers, later! Of the three possibilities, that the white one is a seedling is the likeliest.

27 Mar, 2010


Thank you both, bit miffed though because i really like the blue ones !
This happens quite a lot then, yes ?

27 Mar, 2010


If pollinated with your neighbor's white anemone, about 50% of the seedlings will be white. If self pollinated, about 25%. Bud sports are about a one in ten thousand sort of thing--plant breeders love 'em!

27 Mar, 2010


There aren't any white Anemones in my garden and the neighbours here don't have flower gardens - theirs are grass only, so no white ones to pollinate them.

28 Mar, 2010

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