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I am a keen gardener of 75 and in my youth I heard or read a poem which start "Nitrates, phosphates, potash and lime, must be in the garden the whole of the time. Nitrates make green stuff and cabbages happy but don't give too much or the growth will be sappy". It goes on at length but that is all I can remember. I have searched the web with nil results so please can you help before I go stark raving mad and they put me away in a home!!!
Regards Trevor Holditch



Hi Trevor Welcome to GOY :) The Poem sounds very helpful i wish i knew it all 2 now !!!

24 Mar, 2010


Sounds interesting - never heard of before... The poem I mean :-)

24 Mar, 2010


My dad is about your age, and i remember him reciting this poem to me; he couldn't remember all of it, but this is what i can remember:
west country accent is essential for proper recitation:

nitrates, phosphates, potash and lime
you should keep in the garden the whole of the time
nitrates make green stuff and cabbages happy,
but don't use too much, or the growth will be sappy
phosphates promote the growth of good root
and hasten the ripening period, to boot.

that's all i've got... can anyone else pick up the torch?

7 Sep, 2010


Found it!

Nitrates, phosphates, potash and lime must be kept in the garden the whole of the time
Nitrates make greenstuffs and cabbages happy, but don’t put too much or the growth will be sappy
Phosphates encourage the growth of good root, as well as hastening the ripening to boot
Potash for sturdy growth, a kind of tonic and give it to fruit if the colour is chronic
Lime attacks acid and makes the soil sweet, but don’t put it on at the same time as peat.

7 Sep, 2010

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