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By Melbon

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I would like a fast growing evergreen edge that can reach aprox 5-6 meters , but not conifers . Any one got any ideas please



I like escalonia, it is a darkish evergreen with pretty flowers from pale to deep pink depending on the variety. It is easy to trim and quite quick growth rate depending on how much you trim it.

12 Mar, 2010


PHOTINIA- rare to be used but total succes if you do -high recomend

12 Mar, 2010


Will that reach the height, Seaburngirl? How about Laurel, either Portugese (Prunus lusitanica) or Common Cherry (Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia).

12 Mar, 2010


daughters school has at least a 12" job around the technology block that is cut in a very strict wedge.

12 Mar, 2010


I'm unconvinced Photinia will reach that height as a hedge - I've seen a tree like specimen at 13 feet, but that's the biggest. I reckon Prunus laurocerasus has to be the one to reach 18 feet or more.

12 Mar, 2010


Bamboo- at my last house i use photinia to block hte next door upstair window in hte end apex -it took a few yeer but in hte end it do it foine- had to be 5metre -yesi admit i did take hte lower number

13 Mar, 2010

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