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Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Is there a purple calla lilly?

Asked from the GoYpedia calla lilies page



Yes there is. Have you looked at our pages of call and arum lillies?

20 Jan, 2010


Zantedeschia rehmannii has flowers in shades of pink through to maroon - note, all the ones with coloured flowers (not just white) are frost tender.

20 Jan, 2010


hi on a web site on e bay i saw a blue cala lily i tried to order one only to find it wont ecept my zip code probebly because i only have a post code not a zip code do you know where i can get one from ?

26 Mar, 2010


I assume you're asking where you can get the blue calla from, and not a zip code, Eddie? Try typing the full name of the cultivar you want into Google (if you've not tried that already) and see if any UK suppliers come up.

26 Mar, 2010

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