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By Louise1

Somerset, United Kingdom

Caterpillars On Choisya.
Does anyone else have trouble with their Choisya ?
Repeatedly through the year the leaves on my shrub are reduced to next to nothing, i've just been outside pottering and noticed that once again all the newest (aswell as older) leaves have been munched or knitted together by caterpillars

The surrounding shrubs are fine, they don't seem to have been touched.
Is this shrub prone to this ?

On plant Choisya ternata 'Sundance'



are you shore that it is not ants

21 Nov, 2009


I don't think so Cliffo, they wouldn't make the 'webs' that knit the leaves together would they ? I thought only caterpillars did that ?

21 Nov, 2009


there are a group of them are they the tortrix moths that do this web thing. I usually squeeze the leaf then peel it open. a bit yucky inside but kills them.

21 Nov, 2009


Yes, i do the same Sbg, the caterpillars i've seen quite a lot of are very samll and thin and are lime green in colour.
The thing is though, i don't notice this happening and like today i see it and it's too late, no sign of the caterpillars, just the decimated leaves and plant.
Should i use an insecticide all year round ?
I very rarely use them here.

21 Nov, 2009


if you can identify which adult it is and when they lay you should be able to take action then before they lay their eggs.

21 Nov, 2009

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