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By Louise1

Somerset, United Kingdom

A Question For Bluespruce Please.

A gardening friend gave me this Taxus a couple of weeks ago and i would like to know your expert opinion on how best to look after this.

There is a lovely history to it ....

This picture you see is of a 4 year old Taxus which this man grew "from a berry" !
The berry was taken from its parent and planted 4 years ago.
The parent was a 7 year old tree (about 7 or 8' tall) which had been taken from a cutting from this mans sons tree (keeping up?!), which is 25 years old

I had Taxus baccata 'Skyrocket' 25 years ago in a garden back then ... is this the same do you think ?



hi louise, i'm not bluespruce clearly but are you just after an id or on how to grow it? My yew regularly self seeds and i just leave the plants alone. i have some in full sun some in mid shade. i am on a chalky soil and do nothing to help/hinder the plants.

20 Nov, 2009


Thanks Sbg :-)
Yes, i was curious to know if i should be doing anything special with it .... although it's certainly had no special treatment up to now !
If yours are in various sites that's a good start and if it's okay on chalky soil it should be okay on my thin soils !

An ID would be good too, so if anyone can be specific, that would be good :-)

20 Nov, 2009


as the expert seams to be on holaday, may I be so bold and put my twopennyth in, I could be wrong' but could you give it a name yourself considering it's history, I belive that you have had good advice on the rearing from SBG

21 Nov, 2009


Cliffo, that's a nice idea :-)))))

The friend that gave me this little plant is a 91 year old gentleman who i see fairly regularly, maybe i should use his name in it somewhere :-)

21 Nov, 2009


you could do worse'' after all who are some of the people that roses have been named after, or you could call it after the queen and get yourself a title. lol

21 Nov, 2009



21 Nov, 2009

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