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I don't like black bark because it is too chunky and hard to clean but, I like the black color what can I use instead?



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You don't just get black bark, and you don't just get the chunky stuff so why not just choose a lighter colour and one of the finer grades ?
And, what type of area are you mulching ?

17 Nov, 2009


Really there are 2 types of mulches depending on what you want to achieve?

1) An organic mulch is a mulch made of natural substances such as bark, wood chips, leaves, pine needles, or grass clippings. Organic mulches attract insects, slugs, and the birds that eat them. Over time they decompose and need to be replaced.

2) Inorganic mulches, such as gravel, pebbles, granite chippings landscape fabrics, do not attract pests (as above) and they do not decompose.

There is a golden bark or a lovely black granite like chipping one of which might suit you better?

17 Nov, 2009


I use Bark GardenF around My Pond Area & Heather Border :) Its so Wildlife/Garden Friendly & The Birds Love looking amoungst it 4 Pests/Insects :) Pebbles,Rocks ect do look nice i must admit but i keep them 2 the Minuim ie Around my Ball Conifers, Odd 1s on top of Clematis Roots which not only look good but serve a purpose 2 :)

17 Nov, 2009


You can buy black slate shards if you want the black but not bark chippings - and they're not biodegradable, either! You need a large garden centre that has a good range of rocks, pebbles, paving, etc, or you may find it online somewhere. And welcome to GoY too.

17 Nov, 2009

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