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By Louise1

Somerset, United Kingdom

Has anyone used DIY 'picket fence' packs ?

In B&Q they have such packs and i'm wanting to get one for my front garden boundary, i'm hoping someone else can recommend them and give positive feedback on the experience !

Homebase have similar but they are doing it all individually - buy each and every part as a separate item.
I've decided against this choice because i thought it might lead to extra hassle - as the person erecting this fence is 'not' a handy man ;-)
I'm thinking it best to have everything in one package !!!



My sister wanted the same so I took her to a local timber merchant where she bought ready made tantalised sections @6' in length along with a few posts. Even she managed it. I've no idea what B&Q have so I'd look around.

2 Nov, 2009


She would have had to buy all the extras individually though, did she do it all sucessfully Heron ?
Is she a 'handy' sort anyway, because my partner's worse than hopeless, it HAS to be as simple as possible.

He's already whining and saying i should 'get somebody in' to do it.

2 Nov, 2009


Tantalised, Heron, lol! I'm just trying to imagine tempted and teased wood sections...;-))

2 Nov, 2009


the ones you get in a garden center requires you to knock a post in every so often either with a malet or a bit of wood betwen hammer and post, any one could do it

2 Nov, 2009


Made me giggle too. The thing is Louise if it is not done well it will not survive as any fence has got to be fairly robust. One easier way might be to sink 'meta posts' and then put your posts in to them?

2 Nov, 2009


Louise, all she had to do was did four holes and plant the posts in, nali the section to the posts and back-fill the holes. A 'tantalising' job if ever there was one.

2 Nov, 2009


I'm presuming these 'packs' have the meta posts etc. all in, Drc.

The Homebase individual panels would indeed require a person to buy all those incidentals separately and i think that would be a recipe for disaster, so ..... a 'pack' it is !

The reason for the fence is a dog.
Someone nearby walks two of them each evening and they let them run off the lead, consequently the dogs run all across the front gardens and whereas every other neighbour has just lawn 'i' don't and i'm sick and b****y tired of finding my plants crushed and broken into bits.
Amongst others, i've lost all 3 Dahlias now .... they're in pieces.

3 Nov, 2009


Good luck Loiuse its just a few irresponsible owners that spoil it for the rest.

3 Nov, 2009


Precisely Drc.

I've had dogs.
Big ones.
They too could have done lots of damage if i'd let them run loose.
But you don't do you ??
You keep them on leads when you're walking through an area of open gardens.

3 Nov, 2009


I bet the owner feels oh so lucky he has nt got me instead of you Louise.
I use to have simular done at my previous place, only it was dogs mess, that my grandchildren use to walk and one time slipped on.
So I watched for him with his dogs, and asked for him to stop allowing it. He continued the next day allowing it, so I told him if I catch him with his dogs again messing outside or on my garden, I shall scoop it all up and come down to his house and chuck it all over his windows, He never came again on to the street, I wonder why.

3 Nov, 2009

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