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Surrey, United Kingdom

I planted some lupins in Summer '08. They were mainly demolished by slugs over the following weeks, but I was hoping that they would re-appear this Summer, which they didn't. Are they gone for good?



I think Lupins are biennials in which case if planted on 2008, 2009 would be when they would appear. Think thats the irght way for Biennials. think you may have missed out Im afraid, although you could start sowing some now they may be ready for next year, perhaps keep in a greenhouse/!

lpease wait for other answers though as I am still learning

x x x

11 Oct, 2009


Sorry Mookins they are herbaceous perennials. Given that they did not reappear this year Barncote I would say you've lost them and will have to try again. I remember the border in my parents garden, at the back there were lupins, delphiniums and hollyhocks. They seemed huge to me as a small child!

11 Oct, 2009


Grrr Im always getting these biennial and perinnials mixed up

x x x

11 Oct, 2009


No worries Mookins

11 Oct, 2009


Lupins are perennials but are short-lived ones - perhaps three to four years normally. Poorly drained soil may do for them in wet winters too

11 Oct, 2009


They are very easy from seed could plant some now in pots and put them in the cold frame over winter....:>)

11 Oct, 2009


Unfortunately, slugs and snails enjoy the new shoots, too.

Seeds do germinate easily, though, as motinot said.

11 Oct, 2009


I always thought that with a bed of lupins they would reseed themselves, I knew of one case were some houses were knocked down in the forties and there was a big bed of lupins still there in the late fiftes with meny colour vaireations , i saw them agine in the seventies and they were still there but they had reverted to one colour, if that is any help. blue if I rember right

12 Oct, 2009

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