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How do I collect seeds from my Lupins?

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

My lupins are long finished flowering and have now produced these furry, slightly sticky pods, which I think are seed pods.
What should I do to get more plants for next year?

Sorry about the picture quality, poor camera and poorer cameraman. Lol



wait till the pods are dry and turned brown. pick them and pinch them and they will split open. pick the seeds and either sow straight away or sow in January.

27 Aug, 2009


Thanks Seaburngirl, I'm in the middle of planning the beds for next year so how would I store them?
I assume in paper not plastic?

27 Aug, 2009


NEVER plastic, Ian! Seeds will rot. Store in paper bags or envelopes - small brown "wage packet" type envelopes are brilliant - even better if they've got wages still in them!

28 Aug, 2009


Store just as you would store veggie seeds Ian, paper bags or envelopes, cool and dry - potting shed springs to mind for us.

28 Aug, 2009


Remember these will not be the same colours as you planted - they gradually revert to blue/mauve. These are short-lived perennials so should come back next year. When they are well into growth in April you can take basal cuttings. Carol Klein has done an article on this at:

28 Aug, 2009


Thanks GoY's this is all good info and advice :~)))

28 Aug, 2009


i have a pale pink/lemon lupin that reliably sets seeds in the same colour combo, would you like some saving and posting to you?

28 Aug, 2009


Hi Seaburngirl, I would be delighted to recieve more seeds. We (by that I mean Carol. Lol) has plans for our back garden which is considerably bigger than the front so these would be most welcome. Thank you very much. If I manage to get any of our yellow ones would you like some in return?

28 Aug, 2009


Thanks but i have yellow ones already.
send me your address in a pm Ian and i will hopefully be able to harvest some for you.

28 Aug, 2009


OK then SBG. I'll do it now and many thanks. :~)))

28 Aug, 2009


I got those seeds SBG. I did PM you but just thought I would post it here as well. :~))

5 Sep, 2009


Thank you, first time grower here, and new member.

25 Jun, 2016


Thank you, im a novice in the garden and this was my question, also a new member, thank you.

1 Jul, 2016

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